Der rechte Schuh von C.G. Jung



Photo: Laila Zaidi Touis


I went to the Bollingen tower, built by Carl Jung in 1923. I left my right shoe there. Inside the shoe I placed a note that says:


“Dies ist mein rechter Schuh.

Nun gehört er C.G. Jung.

von Vinzenz Reinecke

2019 März”


In english:


“This is my right shoe.

Now it belongs to C.G. Jung.

by Vinzenz Reinecke

2019 March”


This act is following an intuitive impuls which is continuing to explore the unconscious and the unknown. The unknown as part of everyone's unconscious. I hid the shoe very close to the house inside one of his sculptures so the shoe is becoming part of the sculpture as well. After that I left Switzerland without a right shoe.