Happy start.


My pillow is water. My pillow is shikansen. My name is yakul. I love marmelade. Yesterday I asked my feet if you could fly. My name is rice.


Did you ever asked your feet if they like to go to Japan.

My poetry is very dirty. Do you like it dirty. The only way you like it. Like an animal inside a temple. Like dragon inside potatoe.

Japan. What do you think? That's a good idea. You have good ideas.


My vagina is phenomenal. Like you. Simply phenomenal. My uterus is exploting. Like a painting by Jackson Pollock. Jackson Pollock said Ludwig Wittgenstein said. Said sad sadness said sayable syllables with subconscious syphilis. I am the nazi poet from Germany.

Do you mind mindnees mindfulness. My lavia is having a fantastic time. My lavia traveled half way through the universe.

Sometimes I take really hot showers to prepare myself for hell.


Take my soul. It's for free. Just have it. I have no use for it anymore.


Happy end.


I saw a cloud above Tokio today.