2015– 2016 Meisterschüler of Prof. Ai Weiwei


2012–2014 participant at Institut für Raumexperimente Prof. Olafur Eliasson 

Jan 2014 excursion to Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Beijing

Oct 2012Dec 2012 field trip to Ethiopia


2013–ongoing part of the 89plus project

Curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist and Simon Castets


2013–2014 guest student in the class of Prof. Via Lewandowsky

May 2013 workshop with Franz Erhard Walther

Jan 2013 workshop with Timm Ulrichs


2011 student at Universität der Künste Berlin Prof. Susanne Lorenz


20092011 educational journey through Germany, Japan, England, Italy and France; during the summers working at Canterbury Cathedral


20072009 student at Scuola Professionale per Scalpellini e Scultori J. Steinhäuser in the class of Prof. Walter Blaas, Prof. Bernhard Grassl, Prof. Walter Kuenz and Prof. Reinhold Tappeiner


2004–2007 apprenticeship as a stonemason